What I charge

One-to-one £100
Couples £150 for 1 1/2 
Initial assessment £30
Telephone £65


My fees are worked out to be as simple and transparent as possible – you will find no hidden extras. Here I will give you an explanation of how I arrived at the amount I charge. 

Are fees negotiable?

It is my experience that some people ‘haggle’ better than others, and sometimes the best ‘hagglers’ are those who miss appointments, work less hard on their issues or leave therapy when it feels too difficult. For this reason I prefer to settle on a reasonable fee and charge everybody the same regardless of circumstances or how many times a week they attend. It keeps it simple, and you, the client are not wondering at the back of your mind if you could have got your therapy for less, or if somebody else is paying less than you!

Sixty minutes

Most therapists work what is known in the community as a fifty minute hour. This allows the therapist time to write up notes/have a glass of water, and clear the head before greeting the next client exactly on the hour. Although a little less convenient, I have found that I prefer to work for the full hour (with any necessary winding down time built in to the last ten minutes). Appointments are spaced an hour and fifteen minutes apart.